Jody Michael Miller

Musician-Producer-Audio Engineer-Videographer-Photographer

Most people probably recognize Jody as "That Guy in the Youtube Videos” but that is just one aspect of who Jody Michael Miller is. JMM has spent the last couple years producing and starring in Product Reviews and Demos for Bass Club Chicago and as of Nov 2013 Jody’s videos have received over 1 Million views on Youtube.  However,  Jody is also an accomplished Composer and Audio Engineer that has been producing and arranging music in studios all over the Chicagoland area, much of which has been licensed in television shows such as Oprah & Dr. Oz. One of Jody's greatest accomplishments is the debut album release by The Live Debate! Jody co-wrote and co-produced this full length album which is often described as bombastic, joyous, fun, emotive, commanding, and colorful; an art experience for your ears and imagination. JMM and fellow Composer Matthew Muñiz are currently working on The Live Debate's next album as well as producing and performing for many of Chicago's top musical acts.

"With a musical sound that sits somewhere between Jeff Buckley and Sufjan Stevens, The Live Debate take the listener on a musical journey of dynamic greatness. Horns, pianos and arrangement savvy put The Live Debate! high on the ladder of imminent success. This is soulful, complex and compositionally sound storytelling." - John Pfeiffer, The Aquarian Weekly

The Live Debate! Album is available for Purchase & Download HERE!

One of JMM's greatest pleasures is performing on stage, you can usually find him playing in Chicagos finest venues playing with Deanna Devore. Deanna Devore carries a lyrical sensitivity, a maturity and sophistication that spans across electro-dance, alternative, Brazilian jazz and orchestral territories. In his free time Jody is often found shooting/performing in live music videos, photographing local concerts, or riding his motorcycle.