Jody Michael Miller

Musician-Producer-Audio Engineer-Videographer-Photographer

Handmade Sound Absorption Baffles

In my free time I like to build things with my hands.  Recently, I needed to sound proof my Recording Studio and as I searched the market for some quality sound baffles all I could find were cheap, poorly made options or extremely expensive custom solutions.  So I decided to make my own and they turned out so well that I now offer them For Sale and I also take custom orders.  I use only High Quality Materials to ensure product longevity and to keep them lightweight.  These Baffles are great for Recording Studios, Home Theaters, or anywhere you need to get rid of unwanted room noise.  These baffles also work really well to reduce noise between apartments; keep your neighbors happy!  If youre interested in picking up some High Quality Sound Baffles please take a moment to check out my Etsy store or contact me directly.  I have pre-made options and Im also able to make custom boxes, I can stain and wrap them to your specifications.


Check out my ETSY STORE HERE!