Jody Michael Miller

Musician-Producer-Audio Engineer-Videographer-Photographer



Just released a video with John Ferrara (Consider the Source) and Seth Moutal. John is a beast on bass with a very unique style. Check out the video of John & Seth Duo HERE!


Fox & the Hounds just dropped a music video that features ME on bass. Check out House Of Leaves!!!


Started a new project with my boo called Butcher & the Florist. This is a duo project focused on electronic, synth based dance music. We have 15+ original tracks we will be releasing over the next year and we are doing weekly covers on our Youtube Channel.


Just posted a unboxing video of Bears Vs Babies board game. The game just arrived and I decided to do an unboxing video. Check it out HERE.


Super excited to share the first of several vids from Chicago Jazz/Funk band Spare Parts.  This is a killer trio who did an amazing cover of "Four Sticks" by Led Zeppelin.  Kevin Kozol on Rhodes & Synth, Colin Scott on Bass and Mike Bruno on drums.  These guys are constantly playing around Chicago and touring across the US.   If you have the oppurtunity to check them out, DO IT!  In the meantime, Check out this vid!


Just released the second video I shot with Jonathan Scales Fourchestra!  "This is the Last Hurrah" is certainly one of my favorite from the Fourchestra, I love the energy and the groove.  We shot this video while Jonathan was headed through Chicago on tour with Jay White on Bass and Chicago native Xavier Breaker on Drums. Trust me a give this vid a watch Video HERE!


Aycee Lovely is a Chicago Singer/Songwriting who reached out to me about shoot some vid and after checking out her stuff I could pass on the chance to bring her in.  Aycee brought her friend and guitar player Brendan Forrest who has some serious chops which makes for fun atomsphere and a enjoyable video to watch.  Check out this cover of Rihanna's Work.  This is the first of 3 performances I was able to capture on this evening.  Vid is HERE...


I had the pleasure of debuting a new track from Jonathan Scales Fourchestra, "We Came Through the Storm".  We shot this video while Jonathan was headed through Chicago on tour.  I met jonathan last year when I shot the Cody & Chaisaray vids and im pretty sure you have never heard someone play steel drums like this..  This video features Chicagos own Xavier Breaker on Drums and NY bassist Jay White.  Killer players all around.  Video HERE!


The Live Debate! is back at it again, this time at Subterranean in Chicago. SubT is one of Chicagos most well known venues in the heart of Wicker Park.  Here I was able to capture (with help from photographer/videographer Rob Martinez) an original track from the band "Rough Night".  Please give it a listen and if you ike it, PLEASE "Like" us on Facebook.  It sounds juvenile but a Like on FB is priceless, plus you get to see what else im up to.  VIDEO!


I had a wonderful time performing with my band The Live Debate at Hideout Inn.  I have played Hideout many times over the years and it is one of my favorite venues in Chicago.  Great sound and killer vibe.  I hope you check out THIS VIDEO from that evening of us covering "Thinkin Bout You" by Frank Ocean.  VIDEO HERE!


I havent been this excited to release a video in a while.  Consider the Source covers "God Only Knows" by The Beach Boys.  You MUST WATCH this video.  These guys stopped through Chicago while on tour and I was able to capture 3 wonderful songs.  Here is the VIDEO!


Checked out Bickhamstock at Double Door last night and I was able to snag some great photos of Little Boy Jr. and The Fox & The Hounds.  Check out the Galleries here---> Little Boy Jr.   &   The Fox & The Hounds!


Just released another video installment in from the Cody Wright seasons.  In this video Cody does a killer mashup of Zelda's Lullaby and Blackbird.  Click HERE to see the video!


Here is the second video from an amazing night with Cody Wright and Chaisaray Schenck.  This track is titled "Lone Wolf" and is full of Finger tapping Madness.  Chaisaray works wonder with such a minimalist kit.  Check it out HERE!   


I was able to convince phenomenal bassist Cody Wright to swing by while on tour with the Jonathan Scales Fourchestra.  Cody and drummer Chaisaray Schenck laid downed some killer grooves and I have a total of 6 different videos Ill be releasing over the next couple months.  You do NOT want to miss these videos, Check them out HERE!   


My friend Michael Mejiah stopped by to record an original song "In Love with You" in my studio and it turned out great!  Michael currently resides in Chicago and in addition to being a musician Michael can often been seen on some of Chicago's most popular musicals and theatre productions. To learn more about Michael please visit : .  See the new video HERE!


The Fox and The Hounds Kickstarter is almost over and they are doing great!  I shot a "Holiday" video for them to help give their Campaign one last boost.  I didnt do the fancy editing but I did take care of the Audio and Video portion of the shoot.  Take note of my dog "The Dude" sitting in the voiceovers lap.  Check out the Holiday Video HERE!


Video: I just uploaded a New "Mashup" video from The Fox & The Hounds!  This mashup spans several genres and decades, everything from Zepplin to No Doubt.  F&Hs just launched their Kickstarter Campaign and its going well.  Feel free to give a few bucks if you have it. This is one of the first videos that I have shot in my personal Studio!  Im still learning my room but every video keeps getting better.  Stay Tuned for Lots more Vids! 


Video:  Just uploaded a video of Rory Sullivan and Kendel Lester covering "Barton Hallow" by The Civil Wars.  Rory is a talented singer/songwriter from New York who recently wrapped up his successful kickstarter campaign for his upcoming album release.  Kendel Lester is the Lead Singer & Songwriter for Chicagos only Burlesque Rock Band, "The Fox & The Hounds".  The Fox & The Hounds just released the new music video, "Desert Spring Rose" and are prepping for their sophomore release.  Click ME to see the Video!


Video:  Just uploaded another Anthony Wellington video for Bass Club Chicago!  Anthony is a monster player and one of the best educators in the music world.  Take a moment and check out Anthony on a Fodera Emperor Standard through a Aguilar Rig. Click ME to see the Video!


Video:  Bill "The Buddha" Dickens stopped by the other day and I was able to capture a couple minutes of his crazy slap skills.  Bill is brutally fast and an all around awesome guy.  Its not often you can see a guy going to work on a 7 string Bass.  Check out the vid HERE!


Photo: Sealed with a Kiss is one of Chicagos hottest up and coming Cover band that plays the Rock hits from the 70's, 80's, 90's, and beyond.  I have to confess that im a little biased because I am dating the lead vocalist but they put on a great show thats high energy and full of guitar licks!  Plus they let me sit in on a couple tunes with them, what a great time.  See the photo set HERE!


Show: Im set to hit the stage with the lovely Deanna Devore at Double Door!  Double Door is one of my favorite venues to play in Chicago.  We are sharing the stage with Parallels and its Comasofts CD Release show.  Check out CB Lindsey photo set HERE!    


Photo: The Fox and The Hounds is Chicago only Burlesque Rock Band and I was lucky enough to catch them at Moe's Tavern in Logan Square.  F&H competed in a local Battle of the Bands to secure a spot on the CIMM Fest lineup as well as cash and some free recording time.  Well guess what?  The F&Hs beat out a couple dozen bands for the top spot which is going to put them back into the studio to work on their sophomore release.  Photos HERE!


Photo: Bailiff had their CD Release show at a new venue in Chicago, 1st Ward.  First, this is a pretty sweet spot to play, large room, great sound/lighting, and its in the heart of Wicker Park.  Bailiff did not disappoint and put on a killer show.  I absolutely love the new album!  I encourage you to go to their Facebook page and give them a listen.  Photo set HERE!